Operations Manager

Operations managers oversee the production of goods and/or provision of services.

Singer / Actress

Singer/actresses are performing artists who are generally under the field of entertainment, bringing characters and songs to life through entertaining an audience.

Camera Operator

Camera operators set up, position and operate equipment in studios or on location to photograph or record moving images of people, events and stories.

Art Director

Art directors are responsible for the visual style and images in magazines, newspapers, websites, and other printed and digital media.


Journalists (or news correspondents) gather information, prepare stories for print or websites, or make broadcasts that inform us about local, national and international events, and present points of view on current issues.

Fine Artist

Fine artists create original works of art using a variety of methods such as painting, drawing, sculpture, engraving, printmaking or media like computer graphics.


Hairstylists perform a variety of basic hair care services for customers, like trimming, cutting, buzzing and styling.


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