Month: October 2015

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers create a wide range of items, including everything from electronics, domestic appliances and machinery to company brands and web apps.

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Crane Operator

Crane operators lift and transport heavy materials and equipment to and from higher and lower levels at locations such as building and construction sites, wharves and shipyards.

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Telescope Operator

Telescope operators are the engineers responsible for the maintenance and daily operations of the physical and electronic equipment that make up the telescope and other viewing apparatuses of an observatory.

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Auto Mechanic

Auto mechanics use diagnostic software and mechanical skills to maintain, repair and modify cars, vans, motorbikes, lorries and coaches.

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Game Ranger

A game ranger, also known as a game warden or conservation officer, is a member of law enforcement. This person is charged with protecting wildlife in a specified area to ensure that population levels of certain types of wildlife are kept at biologically successful levels.

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