Animators bring drawings or computer generated characters to life on screen. They produce multiple images called frames, which when sequenced together create an illusion of movement known as animation.

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Architects are responsible for designing the places that people need in order to live, play, work, learn, worship, shop, meet and eat.

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Art Director

Art directors are responsible for the visual style and images in magazines, newspapers, websites, and other printed and digital media.


Bakers are food workers who create breads and other baked goods, such as cookies, cakes, pies and pastries.

Booking Agent

Booking agents represent and promote artists, performers and athletes in dealings with current or prospective employers.


Camera operators set up, position and operate equipment in studios or on location to photograph or record moving images of people, events and stories.


Chefs are responsible for training and managing kitchen personnel, supervising and coordinating all culinary activities, and making the administrative decisions for a restaurant.

Corporate Affairs Director

Corporate affairs directors are responsible for creating and communicating a favourable public image for employers or clients.


Editors review, rewrite and edit written material for publication in newspapers, magazines and books.


Entrepreneurs are individuals who notice an opportunity to satisfy customer or market needs and decide how to find and use resources to make a product or deliver a service that meets those needs.

Event Manager

Event managers are responsible for the production of promotional, business or social events from conception through to completion.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers create clothes, accessories and shoes for consumers.

Fine Artist

Fine artists create original works of art using a variety of methods such as painting, drawing, sculpture, engraving, printmaking or media like computer graphics.


Florists, or floral designers, use their creativity and knowledge of plants and flowers to design and assemble flower arrangements such as bouquets, sprays, wreaths and vases of flowers

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use images and lettering to communicate information and ideas with a high visual impact.


Hairstylists perform a variety of basic hair care services for customers, like trimming, cutting, buzzing and styling.


Horticulturists are agricultural scientists dedicated to finding better ways to grow, harvest, store, process and ship fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers create a wide range of items, including everything from electronics, domestic appliances and machinery to company brands and web apps.

Interior Designer

Interior designers enhance the function, safety and aesthetics of interior spaces, while taking into account how different colours, textures, furniture, lighting and space work together to meet clients’ needs.

Jewellery Designer

Jewellery designers plan the style and pattern of jewellery, silverware and other decorative metalwork products.


Journalists (or news correspondents) gather information, prepare stories for print or websites, or make broadcasts that inform us about local, national and international events, and present points of view on current issues.


A magician is an entertainer who performs magic tricks, slight-of-hand routines and card tricks for the amusement of the public at weddings, functions and public gatherings.

Make-Up Artist

A make-up artist is an artist that uses human skin as a canvas and make-up as a medium.

Marketing Strategist

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Media Planner

Media planners study different types of media, including newspapers, radio, television, the Internet and billboards to determine where when and how businesses should advertise their brand or products.

Media Production Manager

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A musician is a person who plays a musical instrument proficiently, or writes music, as their primary source of income.


Photographers use their technical expertise, creativity and composition skills to produce and preserve images of people, places, events and objects.

Production Assistant

Production assistants give practical support to the director and production team during the making of films and television programmes.

Public Relations Officer

Public relations officers plan, develop, put into place and evaluate information and communication strategies that present a client’s (an individual or company) image and reputation.

Radio DJ

Radio disc jockeys, also known as radio DJs, play and mix music and discuss news, music or other topics of interest.

Singer / Actress

Singer/actresses are performing artists who are generally under the field of entertainment, bringing characters and songs to life through entertaining an audience.

Software Developer

Software developers (also known as computer programmers) design, build, install, test and maintain software systems that help businesses and equipment work effectively and efficiently.

Systems Engineer

Systems engineers are the primary interface between management, customers, suppliers and specialty engineers in the systems development process.


Taxidermists are artists of sorts that prepare skins of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish to create lifelike 3-D representations for display in museums, or as trophies and memorials.

Technical Sales Engineer

Technical sales engineers combine technical knowledge with sales skills to provide advice and support on a range of complex products and services.


Welders are tradespeople who specialise in fabricating products by joining together materials like steel, brass, stainless steel and aluminum.


Writers are involved in the creation and development of works of fiction and non-fiction.