Advocates have specialised expertise in various areas of the law, especially in the art of presenting and arguing cases in court.

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An attorney or lawyer is legal professional that provides clients with legal advice and representation. Attorneys can work as general practitioners or in a wide variety of specialised legal fields.

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Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologists help people make positive changes to their thinking and behaviour. They aim to understand their clients’ thoughts and actions so they can work with them to manage or overcome their psychological distress and improve their well-being.

Company Secretary

Company secretaries are responsible for ensuring that an organisation complies with standard financial and legal practice and maintains high standards of corporate governance.

Dean of Education

The dean of education is a trained professional that has significant authority within a tertiary institution. They are usually selected from senior faculty members within the education department.

Fraud Examiner

Fraud examiners compile and examine evidence to be used in fraud investigations. In accordance with legal search regulations, their activities include analysing financial information, collecting evidence, and interviewing witnesses and suspects.

Internal Auditor

Internal auditors provide an independent and objective assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s operations, specifically its internal control structure.

Laser Physicist

Laser physicists look at the theory and applications of lasers and optic light. They are concerned with the construction and applications of lasers, their design, and the physics involved in their future development.


Lecturers teach and carry out research in universities and higher education establishments. They teach academic and vocational subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate level to students over the age of 18.

Medical Doctor

Medical doctors, or General Practitioners, provide primary and continuing medical care for patients. They diagnose physical and mental illnesses, disorders and injuries, and prescribe medications and treatment to promote or restore good health.

Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist (OT) is a health professional who is responsible for helping patients develop, recover and improve the skills needed for daily living and working.


Optometrists are primary health care specialists trained to examine the eyes to detect defects in vision, signs of injury, ocular diseases or abnormality and problems with general health.

Polygraph Examiner

Polygraph examiners use a variety of instruments to measure respiratory, sweat gland and cardiovascular responses to questions posed during an oral examination.

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveyors are responsible for managing all aspects of the contractual and financial side of construction projects.

Tax Consultant

Tax consultants are experts on matters related to tax; they prepare, give advice about and assist individuals or companies with tax filing and returns.