Animal Behaviourist

Animal behaviourists or ethologists are concerned with understanding the causes, functions, development and evolution of animal behaviour.

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Animators bring drawings or computer generated characters to life on screen. They produce multiple images called frames, which when sequenced together create an illusion of movement known as animation.

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Architects are responsible for designing the places that people need in order to live, play, work, learn, worship, shop, meet and eat.

Art Director

Art directors are responsible for the visual style and images in magazines, newspapers, websites, and other printed and digital media.

Auto Mechanic

Auto mechanics use diagnostic software and mechanical skills to maintain, repair and modify cars, vans, motorbikes, lorries and coaches.

Commercial Diver

A commercial diver is someone who has been trained as an advanced diver and is able to perform a wide range of tasks related to underwater industrial construction.

Construction Foreman

A construction foreman supervises and coordinates the work of a crew of workers on building projects that range from small projects employing only a few people to massive projects employing many.

Cost Estimator

Cost estimators collect and analyse data in order to estimate the time, money, materials and labor required to manufacture a product, construct a building or provide a service.

Crane Operator

Crane operators lift and transport heavy materials and equipment to and from higher and lower levels at locations such as building and construction sites, wharves and shipyards.


Curators collect, exhibit, interpret, maintain and protect objects of historical and aesthetic importance primarily in museums, libraries and private collections.


Ecologists are concerned with ecosystems as a whole, the abundance and distribution of organisms (people, plants, animals), and the relationships between organisms and their environment.


Electricians install, connect, test and maintain electrical systems for a variety of purposes, including lighting, climate control, security, communications and electronic controls for machines.


Entrepreneurs are individuals who notice an opportunity to satisfy customer or market needs and decide how to find and use resources to make a product or deliver a service that meets those needs.

Food Technologist

Food technologists research and develop new food and beverage products. Food technologists study the physical, microbiological, and chemical composition of food.

Fraud Examiner

Fraud examiners compile and examine evidence to be used in fraud investigations. In accordance with legal search regulations, their activities include analysing financial information, collecting evidence, and interviewing witnesses and suspects.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use images and lettering to communicate information and ideas with a high visual impact.


Horticulturists are agricultural scientists dedicated to finding better ways to grow, harvest, store, process and ship fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers create a wide range of items, including everything from electronics, domestic appliances and machinery to company brands and web apps.

Laser Physicist

Laser physicists look at the theory and applications of lasers and optic light. They are concerned with the construction and applications of lasers, their design, and the physics involved in their future development.


Librarians (also referred to as information professionals) design, develop and manage collections of recorded material and the delivery of information services to users.


A magician is an entertainer who performs magic tricks, slight-of-hand routines and card tricks for the amusement of the public at weddings, functions and public gatherings.

Marine Microbiologist

Marine microbiologists study marine life forms that cannot be seen with the naked eye, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and microscopic algae.

Media Planner

Media planners study different types of media, including newspapers, radio, television, the Internet and billboards to determine where when and how businesses should advertise their brand or products.

Medical Doctor

Medical doctors, or General Practitioners, provide primary and continuing medical care for patients. They diagnose physical and mental illnesses, disorders and injuries, and prescribe medications and treatment to promote or restore good health.


A musician is a person who plays a musical instrument proficiently, or writes music, as their primary source of income.

Navigating Officer

At sea, navigating officers are responsible for the piloting of seafaring vessels. They make use of the sun, moon, stars, landmarks, compasses and electronic radio and radar systems to keep the ship on course.


Registered nurses assess, plan, provide and evaluate preventative, curative and rehabilitative care for patients, clients and residents in a wide variety of settings.

Optical Dispenser

An optical dispenser, or dispensing optician, works as part of an eye care team alongside optometrists or ophthalmologists (who issue the optical prescription) and optical mechanics (who make the visual aid or optical appliance).

Oral Hygienist

Oral hygienists are preventive oral health professionals, providing people with advice and information on good oral health.


Photographers use their technical expertise, creativity and composition skills to produce and preserve images of people, places, events and objects.

Quality Controller

Quality coordinators are found in a wide range of industries. Their goal is to guarantee that proper procedures are followed and that products and services are free from errors.

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveyors are responsible for managing all aspects of the contractual and financial side of construction projects.

Security Analyst

Security analysts ensure the information stored on computers or networks is not disclosed to unwanted parties or modified inadvertently, and may also create and maintain security systems.

Security Control Room Manager

Security control room managers are employed by corporations and specialised security companies to protect life and property.

Site Engineer

Site engineers perform a technical, organisational and supervisory role on construction projects, setting out and determining the location for above and underground infrastructural installations involved in construction operations.

Software Developer

Software developers (also known as computer programmers) design, build, install, test and maintain software systems that help businesses and equipment work effectively and efficiently.

Systems Engineer

Systems engineers are the primary interface between management, customers, suppliers and specialty engineers in the systems development process.

Technical Sales Engineer

Technical sales engineers combine technical knowledge with sales skills to provide advice and support on a range of complex products and services.

Telescope Operator

Telescope operators are the engineers responsible for the maintenance and daily operations of the physical and electronic equipment that make up the telescope and other viewing apparatuses of an observatory.


Welders are tradespeople who specialise in fabricating products by joining together materials like steel, brass, stainless steel and aluminum.


Winemakers, or oenologists, plan, supervise and coordinate the production of wine or spirits from selected varieties of grapes.


Zoologists are biologists who study the structures, characteristics, functions, ecology and environments of living or extinct animals.