Help me beat the varsity blues!

I completed my school education outside South Africa. Can I still register for a bachelor degree?Yes, you can. You’ll need to apply for a certificate of conditional matric exemption to the Matriculation Board, which will evaluate your school qualification. Visit the...

SETA is believing: How to get a head start in the skills race

Here’s a scary fact: more than half the matrics who leave school every year don’t have the basic skills to get a job in any sector of the economy. And even if you make it to university, as many as 7 000 South African graduates are jobless at any given time.

Putting the FUN into funding

Your dream degree or diploma beckons, but money’s too tight to mention. Don’t despair – if you’re on the ball, it’s easy to score financial aid.

Beat the bursary blues

Beat the bursary blues. Somewhere over the funding rainbow…your dream of a degree or a diploma can come true. Bright but broke? Gifted but penniless? Don’t despair – there are funding angels out there to help those who want to study further after matric.

Study tips: Make or break time

The countdown has begun and the clock is ticking as the ‘biggie’ looms on the horizon. Once you’ve got Matric under your belt, you can saddle up and ride off into your very own sunset.

Help me get into varsity!

Confused about your next step on the road that lies ahead? Read on then plan the best route to take you to your chosen destination.

Alternatives to University

How to be college cool or an appie chappie.So you didn’t get into university. Bummer! But it’s not the end of the world – there are other avenues leading the way to your dream career